“Training Lil’ Elise” is now available!

Training Lil Elise COVER 500x755


“Do you think it will be bad?” Elise turned to Mandy, who was sitting beside her in the sandbox. After lunch they had moved to the playground, where the Bigs sat chatting while the girls played in the warm sun.
“We’re not supposed to talk about it,” Mandy said. “We’re supposed to be having fun.” “How can we have fun when it’s getting….closer.” She sniffed. “I’m scared.”
“Okay, I am, too,” replied Elise, dropping her pretense at bravery. “Papa said he didn’t
punish me yesterday because he was too angry. If he was angry, then I think we’re really going to get it.”
Going to get it. Just the words caused a tremor to flow through her. We’re going to get it…”

“Training Lil’ Elise is now available on Amazon and  Barnes and Noble. I’m so excited to continue the story that started with Mandy, her Papa Ethan and Nanny Prim, with development of another Eden character – sexy maid Elise.

Elise has a rocky relationship with the Eden Littles, but when her disdain for them goes too far, she risks losing her job. But her former lover, the strict Nanny Prim, has a better idea. Why not pair the fractious maid with a new client, handsome Englishman Max Brookshire, who is looking for a more challenging Little.

Elise’s transformation comes with some surprises – and not without a little jealousy from Mandy, who isn’t pleased to have to share her Nanny Prim with a rival.

This book offers more spanking,  more anal play, more medical play and more sex than ever, all against the backdrop of a genuine age play love story.

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