The Emotional Appeal of Age Play

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When I was a kid, I often found myself bristling at rules. I’ve never been a huge fan of them, and my parents were sticklers for the things. Homework had to be done, chores completed and lights out by eleven – nine on school nights. Saying “please” and “thank you” were requirements, no exceptions. Authority was to be respected, even if that authority didn’t always deserve it. Growing up in the South, I lived with the understanding that if I got in trouble in school, I also got in trouble when I came home.

I longed to grow up, to be free of all that. And then I did. But as a grownup, I discovered that I didn’t escape rules or consequences now, I just had different ones. If I didn’t show up at work, I could lose my job. If I smarted off at a cop, I could end up with a ticket. If I were rude, I found myself socially ostracized. And then there were the other things I sacrificed by entering adulthood. Gone was the benevolent guardianship, the protection of a loving authority, someone to pay all the bills, someone to lovingly correct me when I deserved it, and then hold me and make it all better.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m an independent woman and proud of it. I pay my own way. But there are days when I wish someone would just send me to bed early, or warn me not to say exactly what is on my mind. Because I often do, and sometimes to my detriment. How nice it would be to have a benevolent guardian step in and set me straight. How nice it would be to wake up in the morning knowing I was protected and fed and clothed and had not have a singe care beyond which amusement to choose. How nice it would be to have a nap at midday. How nice it would be to go back in time – back to that perfect state of trust in a carefree existence. How nice it would be to have someone care enough to correct me for your own good and – dare I say – even spank me when I need it. And yes, I know in my heart there are times I do.

Age play allows us to return – at least in fantasy – to a world where that is exactly what happens to the characters. Responsibilities are stripped away, accountability is enforced and because these are adults we’re talking about, the submissive, age-regressed partner even finds himself or herself at the sexual command of the dominant partner. And because the dominant is in control of everything – right down to the submissive’s responses, it’s a relationship that includes taboo sex without the guilt. The dominant owns all, even the little one’s pleasure. That’s the emotional appeal for so many readers and – I imagine – people attracted to this lifestyle. I am not an age player, but researching and writing about it has certainly made me see the deep appeal of the lifestyle, and appreciate those brave enough to enjoy it. Ageplay_week We are celebrating Daddy Doms, Littles and everything we love about age play this week, with featured posts running Monday through through Friday.  Enjoy the chance to win FREE books and a gift certificate to Amazon for $15 by reading and commenting on the following posts:

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Wednesday: “The Emotional Appeal of Ageplay” by Elsa Black

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Her Hollywood Daddy


Hollywood starlet Marissa Sparks’ career teeters on the brink of implosion when movie producer and actor Joel Sutherland takes her in hand. He requires her to move in with him and live as his Little so he can provide strict discipline and guidance but he isn’t sure if it’s all a ploy to stay in the movie. She is, after all, a talented actress and could be faking everything.

Caroline’s Little World


Three great books by a best-selling author of age-play erotica! Caroline Dawkins is a professor of English who has never confessed her age-play and spanking fantasies to her husband, George Lane, a corporate attorney. After George comes home one night and finds Caroline pleasuring herself, over the course of an extraordinary year Caroline and George, with the help of new friends and former students, utterly transform their erotic life together in the pattern of those taboo fantasies.

Training Lil’ Elise

Training Lil Elise COVER 500x755

The story of the Eden Institute continues, this time with the fractious maid Elise, whose disdain for the Littles has her crossing the line once to often. She’s about to be banned, until Nanny Prim suggests a different idea: Why not train Elise as a Little? Nanny Prim maintains that it’s what the fiery maid really wants. Will handsome Englishman Max Brookshire be able to make Elise the Little she secretly wants to be?

The Marshal’s Little Girl


When US Marshal Gage Chandler catches up with the beautiful thief who pulled off a robbery right under his nose, the long arm of justice is ready to restrain her for a long, hard spanking. But in Wilhelmina James, the lawman discovers a woman with a desire to submit that meshes with his desire to completely dominate. When they travel in disguise as guardian and ward to clear her name, the roles become real when “Billy” agrees to be his little one. IMPORTANT: Leave your email with your comment so we can contact you if you win.

16 thoughts on “The Emotional Appeal of Age Play

  1. Elsa,
    Great post! You just made AP even more appealing to me than it already was. It is so true that as adults our consequences are not gentle or given in love. They are simply reactions. It would be amazing to just let it go for a little bit. I don’t think I could do it for very long, but I would love to try 😉
    Amhart602 at

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    • I have a hard time giving up control, Alyssa. I’m not sure I could, especially to the extent my characters do. But it is a fun fantasy, and I can certainly see the appeal of those who relinquish themselves so completely to this lifestyle. I’d think it would take a very special dominant, though.


  2. I wonder if the idea appeals to me because I never felt like a pretty little girl growing up. I’ve grown out of those insecurities as an adult (most days!) but it’s still fun to visit that place in my head. I love it when the hubby wants to do a little AP role play – it’s not a lifestyle for us, more of a Saturday afternoon sexy time thing.


  3. Wow Elsa, great post. I love the emotional appeal aspect. It makes sense for me. I have always been the responsible one. I’m the oldest child who was required to take care of everyone (including Mom). Father was rarely home and when he was, we wished he wasn’t. Mom remarried when I was 12 and my stepfather worked for many years to teach me it’s okay to let go and trust. He became my daddy. Today I am an independent woman who continues to be the responsible one. But sometimes at the end of the day I just want to experience for a short while someone stepping up and saying I’ll take this mantle from your shoulders for the night. Reading in general lets me escape but age play allows me to peek into the fantasy of not being me for a little while. Blessings Renee


  4. Wonderful post. I would love to have a do over and have a second childhood as the first on sucked. My husband is approaching age 90 and I’m almost 72 so it would be unrealistic to actually do it. We take care of each other with me taking on much more now. I love reading about Ageplay and allow myself to imagine and enjoy without judgement. Maybe in my nest life, lol


  5. Elsa thank you so much.
    I find myself considering experiencing this more and more every day. I know giving up control may be difficult, but the reward is also something to look forward to.

    Thank you once again


  6. : yes most of my fantasies are ap ranging around 3/4ths I’d say. When a little is the fantasy it’s 90% a clean one. Those are usually emotional or angsty and needing cuddles, playing and yes even spankings. Then there are the teen ones also emotional, bratyness in abundance spankings and sex cuddling a must .


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